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About Us.

We tell stories.
We produce visually stunning, inspiring and educational content.
We love our planet

Definition Studios based in Byron Bay, Australia started as a post production house (previously known as Definition Films) in Sydney's Fox Studios Australia in 20 years ago and worked on some of Australia's biggest films. 


Over the past 8 years, Founder David Gross turned his focus to show-running instead, producing IMAX® feature film documentaries.

Definition Studios has been building a slate of unique and extraordinary documentary films and TV series, specialising primarily in nature and history films for IMAX® and Giant Screens around the globe.


In October 2022, Definition Studios collected the prestigious Giant Screen Cinema Association Industry Award for Best Film for its latest film Serengeti: Journey to the Heart of Africa.

Definition Studios key partnerships with IMAX® Distributor K2 Studios (USA) and MGM (Worldwide) continues to allow Definition Studios to produce a growing slate of diverse projects. 

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Our main goal is to entertain. We want to engage our audiences with the content we produce in a fun way,  bringing the natural world and our fascinating planet with its wondrous miracles to them in a way that will hopefully spark a lifelong passion and drive for conservation and the protection of our home.

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